Expressive Flowers - Acrylics & Mixed Media by Robert Joyner

Expressive Flowers - Acrylics & Mixed Media

Tips For Creating Beautiful, Expressive Florals

Learn An Approach That Gets Amazing Results

Online acrylic course where you will learn the essential skills needed to paint lovely, expressive still life paintings with flowers. 

You will start from the very beginning as you discover the importance of positive and negative space drawings, then start to explore composition alternatives, explore color combinations and ultimately finish with a step-by-step flower masterpiece.


October 21st, 2018. And more on the way!

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Robert explains why a color sketch is so important in preparation in the preliminary steps of a painting. Going to apply this exercise to future paintings. He also suggests the need to spend more time playing on paper instead of focussing on a final painting. Learned much in this tutorial. Thank you!
Michele H.

Course Breakdown

Positive & Negative Space - this is essential in understanding the edges of your subject.
Thumbnail Sketches - a great way to compose your painting without investing a lot of materials.
Finalizing The Composition - this is a quick composition drawing based on previous thumbnails.
Value Mass Study - an essential step in understanding how to simplify values and locate lightest light and darkest dark.
Color Mock-up - an important stage that will bring drawing and color together.
Explore Color - this is a great lesson for understanding how to shade and tint colors.
Explore Subject - sometimes you just need to doodle and play with expressive techniques in order to push the boundaries a bit.
Step-By-Step Demo - now it's time to put all the lessons together and create a final painting.

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What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 5 text files


Introduction, Materials & Other Info
Material List & What To Expect
Flower Inspiration Images
1.86 MB
Step One - Positive & Negative Shape Study
Positive & Negative Space Study
7 mins
Student Critiques - Positive & Negative Space
16 mins
Artist Gallery
Step Two - Composition & Value Mass Study
Composition Study
5 mins
Value Study
8 mins
Student Critiques - Composition & Value Study
15 mins
Artist Gallery Composition & Value Studies
Step Three - Color Mock Up
Mock Up Study
13 mins
Explore Color Study
7 mins
Explore Subject Study
8 mins
Artist Gallery Color Mock Ups
Student Critiques - Color Mock Ups
24 mins
Step Four - Final Painting
Week Four Lesson & Critique Info
25 mins
Artist Gallery - Final Painting
Student Critiques - Final Painting
18 mins
[NEW] Second Demo - Acrylics With Collage
Part One - Materials & First Layer
8 mins
Part Two
9 mins


How long do I own the lessons?

Once you purchase this course you own it for a lifetime.

Do I need the exact supplies?

Not necessarily. If you have certain colors, brushes, etc. that you prefer then by all means use them.

What are the critiques?

This course was once a workshop which included critiques. We have decided to include the critiques in this course to enhance your online learning experience.

Can I pick my own flowers?

Yes! The techniques you learn in the course can be applied to any subject. We have included a library of flower images if you need inspiration, or you can paint the one used in the demonstration.

What if I don't like it?

There's a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't like it you simple contact us and we will issue a refund. Simple as that.