Simple Watercolor Paintings by Robert Joyner

Simple Watercolor Paintings

These projects make perfect contemporary decor for your home, or amazing gift ideas.


Welcome to Simple Watercolor Paintings!

In this class I will share nine super-simple watercolor projects that make excellent gift ideas. Or, of course you could just need to practice up on some watercolor techniques to get back in the groove.

In any case, this watercolor class is loaded with tips for painting unconventional, dare I say contemporary, style artwork suited for all levels.

Completely Customizable - Each project can be altered to suit your needs. Use any color, color combination, change the format, or size, or add your own personalized icon that would be appropriate for your home, or intended destination.

Suited For All Levels - This class is loaded with simple projects that any creative can easily do! So long as you have paper, paint and a brush you're good to go!

Got Questions? No worries. Just drop a comment and I will reply within 24 hours, or sooner.


This was a great class.
Carmen J.
Great ideas for lovely and fun gifts. Thank you, it's also inspired some other ideas!
Louise G.
Very relaxing helped me get out of my head.
Judy S.

What's included?

Video Icon 19 videos


3 mins
Blue Circles
3 mins
Gray Rings
9 mins
Ovals & Rings
8 mins
Shapes & Coffee Cup
6 mins
Stacked Stones
12 mins
Abstract Rings
7 mins
Abstract Rings Continued
10 mins
Half Fruit And Half Abstract Lines
11 mins
Colorful Arcs
9 mins
Colorful Arcs Continued
14 mins
String Of Circles
7 mins
String Of Circles Continued
8 mins
Colorful Rings
6 mins
Mix & Match Horizontals
5 mins
Opposing Diagonals
5 mins
Jagged Horizontals
6 mins
Vertical Triangles
6 mins
Recap & Assignment(s)
1 min