Simple Watercolor Landscapes - Monochrome In Focus by Robert Joyner

Simple Watercolor Landscapes - Monochrome In Focus

The perfect starter course for beginners that want to loosen up!

Welcome To Simple Watercolor Paintings

Are you frustrated trying to teach yourself watercolors?
Do most of your paintings end up tight & rigid?

Whether you're brand new to watercolor painting, or have played around with it but need more guidance, this simple watercolor landscapes course will help you feel confident and comfortable using one of the most challenging mediums out there.

This course was designed for the complete beginner, with helpful demonstrations and fun projects to get you taking action. Throughout this course, you'll be creating your own monochromatic watercolor landscapes that are approachable, enjoyable to learn and will inspire you to paint loosely and expressively!

Working with monochromatic palettes is a great way to simplify watercolor painting so that you can focus on developing some key fundamentals like value, mixing water & pigments, how to manage various washes and wet, or dry paper. Once you have mastered monochromatic paintings you are one step closer to greatness!

Who this course is for:
Beginner watercolor artists that want to paint simple landscapes but do it with some loose, expressive qualities.
  • Learn to paint simple, loose, monochromatic watercolor landscape paintings.
  • Learn wet-in-wet & wet in-dry wash techniques. 
  • Learn how to create a gradated wash.
  • Discover how to add a glaze.
  • Learn how to lift, or remove, paint from your artwork without ruining it.
  • Learn how to dry brush to achieve a desired brushstroke.
  • You will learn many brush techniques.
  • Discover brush pressure sensitivity.
  •  You will learn edge quality and how to manipulate it.
  •  And much more...

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos


Getting Started
10 mins
What Is Monochrome & Swatch Exercise
8 mins
Techniques Part 1
10 mins
Techniques Part 2
8 mins
Project 1 - Neutral Tint
11 mins
Project 2 - Burnt Umber
14 mins
Project 3 - Violet
14 mins
Projects & Final Thoughts
2 mins