Pipeline - New Courses & Upgrade Schedule

Below you will find a list of new courses in the works for painthog members along with tentative dates for release.

Now Available! - Drawing the human figure II - 50+ lessons that cover how to draw figures in various poses.
Early-Mid November - Master Essential Drawing Skills III - This will be the third course of the series that will focus on measuring, proportions, rendering techniques and drawing simple and more complex subjects.
Late November - Head drawing basics - a comprehensive course that covers all you need to know about drawing the head and facial features of the human figure.
Late December - Natural landscape elements - this will cover various elements such as trees, rocks, water, creating depth and more.
Early December - Drawing the human figure III that will focus on form, volume and structure. This will be the third course in the figure drawing series.
January 2020 - Introduction the landscapes that will deliver an easy approach to understanding how to approach and compose landscape paintings.

In addition to the new courses here's a list of which existing courses will get new lessons in the coming weeks & months:
  • design & composition 
  • embracing imperfection
  • intermediate & advanced drawing skills
  • beginner acrylic painting