Mentoring Club by Robert Joyner

Mentoring Club

Discover the Power of Personal Coaching! The best way to improve is one-on-one coaching!


One-On-One Coaching - $99/month

  • There are weaknesses in your art that you probably do not see. 
  • A trained eye can eliminate months, if not years, of wasted time and money. 
  • Includes a monthly critique session on your art.
  • Critiques will be delivered as paint-overs, short video demos, or detailed text description with feedback on what you need to focus on.
  • All subjects and mediums welcome.
  • 17 Spaces Available
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The tutorials are helping immensely. My work started drifting and your lessons are reminding me to concentrate and plan properly.
G. France
What a fantastic lesson to show us how to slow down, and take a few minutes to understand what it is we want to portray in our paintings. I am finally learning that I want my art to not only reflect the emotions that I was feeling about my inspiration at the time, but also to invoke feeling or emotions in the viewer as well.
Stacy H.
The critiques really help a lot as I can see the big difference it makes when you apply your suggestions. I am really grateful to have found you.
J. Garcia


Do I get access to all courses with Personal Coaching?

No, you get personalized video lessons on your issues. If you want access to premium courses they can be purchase separately.

I'm a total beginner, is Personal Coaching for me?

No! I recommend you have at least 1-2 years experience drawing and/or painting before you sign up. Get the basics as best you can and get in touch when you are ready to go.

Are all art/painting styles welcome?

Yes and no. I prefer to work with artists that want to loosen up and get away from rigid art.

My expertise is developing good foundational skills and mixing them with unconventional ideas. I don't specialize in photo-representational art :)

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. To cancel your subscription simply login and visit your account information. From there you can edit your subscriptions.

What is Personal Coaching?

Personal coaching is one-on-one learning that caters to your specific needs. It includes a private monthly session where you work with Robert and get detailed critiques on what you need to focus on.