Basic Drawing & Brushwork Skills by Robert Joyner

Basic Drawing & Brushwork Skills

Core lessons for building a solid painting foundation.

Beginner Skills For Aspiring Painters

Enjoy a series of tutorials for developing basic drawing & brushwork skills needed to become an efficient painter.

This is a free class that's packed with valuable tips for learning fundamental techniques.

Who is this course for?
Any artist that needs to improve their basic drawing skills. You know your artwork is suffering and desire to make your subjects more believable.

What's included?

Video Icon 14 videos


Drawing Skills
Getting Started With Basic Shapes
5 mins
One Point Perspective With Basic Shapes
3 mins
Two Point Perspective With Basic Shapes
5 mins
Big To Small With Simple Object
4 mins
Perspective With Simple Object
6 mins
House In Perspective
4 mins
Brushwork Skills
Brushwork Mechanics
6 mins
Develop Better Lines
11 mins
1 min
2 mins
2 mins
2 mins
Try A Simple Tree Sketch - Combine Brushstrokes
9 mins
Bonus Tips
Angles And Curves
5 mins