New Demo - Sketching People & Figures With Mixed Media
January 25, 2019
Hi there,

Most of my studio time is spent sketching and doodling. It's a mindset that allows me to explore and have fun versus falling into the trap of taking art too serious.

Anyhow, I thought I would share some video footage where I'm experimenting with people in action. It starts with some graphite and charcoal sketches and ends with mixed media (acrylic and collage).

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Hope you enjoy the video,
Robert Joyner
-make art fun
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Susan Crew

Wonderful. Inspiring. I love to watch you paint in real time and talk to us about what you are doing. Now I’m off to the studio to practice and play around with what you showed us here. Thank you.✌️

Robert Joyner

Thanks, Susan. Pleased to hear you enjoyed it and have fun at the studio. More good stuff on the way.

Kcrajhzx Cfurqiwatv

Robert, this is a very informative video. After viewing it one would want to take out the sketchbook and the charcoal or 6b pencil. As to me I want to go to my acrylics that I ignore because it seems I am stuck with oil for certain type of artwork. But for loosely done fun work that can be very invigorating there is nothing like acrylics. it dries fast and you can immediately incorporate other media in it even collage that I keep thinking about using, but I have never done. Anyway a great video, and no doubt, you are a wonderful and very inspiring instructor. I always say the best teacher is the person who inspires us most above and beyond what he or she can teach.

Robert Joyner

Thanks, Sarkis. Yes, acrylics are wonderful for those that enjoy getting it down quickly. I really appreciate the kind comments. It keeps me inspired :) Teaching takes up a lot of my studio time these days. So it's refreshing to hear the tutorials and demos are making an impact on others.

Rubvzjkn Zfmesdcqbr

This is really GOOD STUFF!!! Going to grab a cup of coffee, charcoal, etc. and anxious to get going😊

Robert Joyner

That's what I like to hear! Let me know how it goes.

Marinette Wagner

Loved it, absolutely awesome and just what I am looking for to learn. People that are not static but come to life!

Robert Joyner

Thanks, Margaret! Totally agree with you. I'll add more figurative lessons soon.

patricia Seaverson

Hi Robert, I haven't been painting for over a week. I missed painting, collage, etc. I was at the hospital waiting to give a friend a ride home, the discharge planning was taking forever so I started looking at my emails. I found this video. I was so excited watching the video, as soon as I got home I started painting, etc. I played. I didn't care what I painted or how it looked I just did art, and it was FUN all over again.
Thank you again and again for all your videos, lessons, etc. etc....Patricia S.

Robert Joyner

Now that's what I like to hear! Well, not the Hospital part but hopefully your friend is okay? I've learned over the past twelve months that keeping artists motivated is a huge part of my job as a teacher. Yes I we need new ideas and techniques but the motivational aspect is often times just as important. Hopefully I can deliver on this more in 2019. Anyhow, happy painting!

Sarah Hall

Thank you Robert!

Robert Joyner

My pleasure.

Janet Garcia

Looking forward to these demos. Hey Robert this is the second time I had tried to reply to your comment but the sytem is not posting it after I click on the post comment button. The problem is only when replying.

Robert Joyner

Thanks! And thanks again for letting me know about the bug. I'll inform the developers in the morning.

Janet Garcia

Loved it. That’s a nice practice. I’ll definitelly practice doing this!

Robert Joyner

Thanks for commenting, Janet. Always great to hear from you! I plan to post a lot of member demos that fall in line with this type of approach. Truthfully I have learned more about painting, and my creative self, by investing time doing type of work. Great for exploring technique and problem solving!

Viuhoqjn Yrhuegzltx

really, really cool!

Robert Joyner

Thanks, Susan. I may expand on the theme soon. It was fun!