New Still Life Video Demo - Painthog Member Exclusive
November 09, 2018
Hi there,

Here's a fantastic, inspiring still life demo using acrylics and collage. This is an exclusive tutorial for painthog members!

Ready to check it out the demo?
You have two options.
1. Just click the 'view post' button at the bottom of this notification if you are reading this in your email browser.
2. Or, simply login at and visit your dashboard. There you can click the 'posts' option.

Check out the image below to see what's on tap!

Need Acrylic Painting Supplies?

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Robert Joyner

Hi Geri, Simplifying is the way to go. That and picking up pencil and paper to build a solid foundation for drawing, composition and value studies. We are all busy but making time to art can be as easy as ten minutes a day. And painting isn't always the answer for getting better. Yes, it needs to be done at some point but just making art a habit will go much further than trying to push out finished art.

Great video. I liked the simplicity of the subject and the pallet. The colors are great and I like the fact that you showed us how to do a painting in a short amount of time. Simplify will be my goal in 2019! Thanks for the inspiration!

Robert Joyner

Hi Sarah, Thanks for your support for both venues. Really enjoy teaching on SS and thanks so much for joining me on painthog.

Sarah Quartey

Loved your videos on Skillshare and thought I'd come over here to support a great teacher!

Robert Joyner

Hi Ariane, glad you like the palette and welcome aboard the herd! I hope you enjoy your membership and feel free to let me know if you ever have any questions.

Ariane Edmundson

Love the colors!

Robert Joyner

Thanks, Deborah!

Deborah Harold

Fantastic 👏

Robert Joyner

Thanks for commenting, Sarkis

Kcrajhzx Cfurqiwatv

It's definitely an enjoyable activity, Robert.


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