Landscape Painting Fundamentals II by Robert Joyner

Landscape Painting Fundamentals II

Lighting effects, color theory and mixing techniques, plus design and composition planning tips.

Course Overview

Section One: Lighting conditions will cover various common scenes from sunrise, sunset, cloudy days, frontal and back-lit subjects.

Section Two: You will learn color tips that are conducive to good landscape painting such as hues, chroma, saturation, mixing greens and grays, and a fantastic tip for more energetic paintings with color vibrations.

Section Three: Composition and design ideas that help you quickly identify common mistakes and replace them with easy to apply solutions for quality landscape artwork.
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Course Features:

  • 27 quality videos tutorials
  • 3 assignments
  • 2 Master's analysis videos
  • Suited for all mediums (I used acrylics)
  • Ask questions and get answers
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What's included?

Video Icon 30 videos Text Icon 2 text files


Lighting Conditions
Quick Overview
3 mins
Material List
4 mins
Sunrise And Sunsets
37 mins
Frontal Lighting
23 mins
Back Lit Lighting Part One
18 mins
Back Lit Lighting Part Two
19 mins
Golden Hour Demo Part One
18 mins
Golden Hour Demo Part Two
25 mins
Cloudy Day Effect
24 mins
Master's Examples
13 mins
Warm And Cool Hues
10 mins
Chroma, Saturation & Color Intensity
6 mins
Hues Versus Colors
4 mins
Local Color
5 mins
Color Mixing 101
10 mins
Mixing Black & Gray
5 mins
Mixing Greens
10 mins
Color Vibration Part One
13 mins
Color Vibration Part Two
5 mins
Color Vibration Part Three
8 mins
Composition & Design Elements
Cropping Techniques
19 mins
Linear And Mass Technqiues
12 mins
Light And Dark Mass Techniques
14 mins
Pulling Viewer Into The Painting
13 mins
Composition Types Part One
11 mins
Composition Types Part Two
10 mins
Composition Types Part Three
15 mins
Master's Analysis
12 mins
Composition Assignment
6 mins
2 mins