Beginner Head Drawing Course by Robert Joyner

Beginner Head Drawing Course

Learn easy to apply methods for mapping out the face structure. This course is beginner friendly.

This course includes;

  • 27 video lessons
  • 2 critiques on your artwork
  • 2 quizzes
  • Videos on how the Master's used these techniques
  • Two practice reels to help you apply the techniques
  • Ask questions & get answers
  • Assignments that engage you to put your knowledge to the test

Course Overview

If you ever wanted to learn an easy approach to drawing the human head this course is for you! It's loaded with techniques and ideas that will teach you the basic head structure and proportions from multiple angles. Below is a breakdown of some of the techniques we will discuss;

Section One - Learn how to quickly lay-in the profile & front views. We will breakdown various methods for understanding the overall shape(s), gesture, proportion and locations of main facial features.

Section Two - Learn how the head connects to the neck from the front and back. Then we will learn how the head shape changes when it's in various angles and perspectives.

Section Three - We will see how some of the Master's applied these ideas in their drawings. A great way to reinforce the techniques and see them in action.

Section Four - It's your turn to draw the basic shapes of the head in various positions using the practice reel. These are timed poses where you draw from the images furnished in the video.

Section Five - You will see an in-depth look at Robert's practice reel as he draws the exact same heads you did in the practice reel.

Section Six Through Ten - You will learn the intermediate construction ideas for mapping out the face and features. We will discuss several techniques for understanding front and side planes, how facial features are impacted when in various perspectives and much more...

Section Eleven - We will take another look at how the Master's applied the intermediate ideas and techniques to their drawings. You will also get a chance to do them on your own using the second practice reel. These are five minute poses.

Section Twelve - You will see how Robert completed the practice reel as he talks through the techniques he used in each pose.


This was SO helpful and fun to practice. I don't look at heads the same now. Highly recommend this class!
Stacy E.
This course was great. I used it to improve my heads, as I am doing a drawing challenge that calls for me to draw 1000 heads. I am on 92 and I must say that my heads are looking way better. There's definitely much more to learn, but I appreciate this course. It's very long but it's comprehensive. If you are stuck on drawing heads then this is another figure drawing course you can rely on
Organized and straight to the point with plenty of exercises along the way. Top Notch!
Bert M.

What's included?

Video Icon 29 videos


Getting Started, Important Dates & Materials
6 mins
The Basics
The Basics - Profile
8 mins
Profile Demonstrations, Assignment Info & Artist Gallery
6 mins
The Basics - Front
10 mins
Front Demonstrations, Assignment Info & Artist Gallery
8 mins
Neck 101
4 mins
Neck Demonstrations, Assignment & Artist Gallery
6 mins
Back Of Head 101
6 mins
Back Of Head Demonstrations, Assignment & Artist Gallery
6 mins
The Basics: Quiz
Head Angles; Ear, Cube & Tube
14 mins
Masters' Examples
10 mins
Practice Reel, Assignment Info & Artist Gallery
12 mins
Student Critiques
20 mins
Robert's Practice Reel
11 mins
Intermediate Skills
Box Construction - Part One
9 mins
Box Construction - Part Two
13 mins
Box Construction - Part Three
16 mins
Box Construction - Part Four
13 mins
Box Construction - Part Five
9 mins
Part Six
17 mins
Part Seven
6 mins
Intermediate Skills: Quiz
Masters Part One
14 mins
Masters Part Two
13 mins
Practice Reel, Assignment Info & Artist Gallery
51 mins
Critiques - Assignment Two
16 mins
Robert's Reel Poses 1-3
22 mins
Robert's Reel Poses 4-6
29 mins
Robert's Reel Poses 7 & 8
17 mins
Robert's Reel Poses 9 & 10
19 mins