How To Paint From Photo References by Robert Joyner

How To Paint From Photo References

Without copying every detail! All mediums welcome.

Course Overview

In this course you will learn many ideas for how to paint from photo references without copying every detail and nuance. The lessons are packed with useful tips for all levels from beginner to experienced artists.
How It Works: Robert will create a series of four paintings all inspired from photos. Each painting is broken down from the very beginning. The steps will include understanding what's included in the original photo; then Robert will extract the elements that are interesting; the scene is re-worked into a new design based on his thoughts and vision. Then a finished painting is completed so you see the idea(s) come to fruition.

Assignment One: An assignment that includes seven photo references. You will take each image and use some of the ideas Robert shared in section one to make edits that appeal to you.

Assignment Two: Robert completes the same assignment using the exact same images as you. This will give you something to compare your work to so that you aren't left with questions. There are no right or wrongs but it's useful to see how he approaches each image.

Your Turn: Create a final painting based on your favorite design. Robert will paint his favorite and toss in a bonus video of another :)

When you are finished you will have some fresh ideas and techniques for working from photos.
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Loved the simplicity; and the 4 minute challenges! Also, appreciated seeing the artists version of how he would have handled the challenges.
Jane J.
Wonderful exercises to develop one's own style and vision. Great that Robert also demonstrates his interpretation of the exercises in a way that any medium can join in the creativity.
Maria C.
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What's included?

Video Icon 15 videos

Lesson Plan

Getting Started & Materials
3 mins
Photo Reference Redesigns & Demos
Rural Landscape Photo & Redesign
6 mins
Rural Landscape Demo
10 mins
Townscape Photo & Redesign
7 mins
Townscape Demo
15 mins
Flowers Photo & Redesign
6 mins
Flowers Demo
8 mins
Red House Photo & Redesign
7 mins
Red House Demo
9 mins
Assignment Part One: Redesign
31 mins
Robert's Take Photos 1-4
18 mins
Robert's Take Photos 5-7
13 mins
Assignment Part Two: Final Painting Demo
5 mins
Waterfront Bonus Demo
9 mins
Assignments & Recap
3 mins