Owls With Acrylics & Collage by Robert Joyner

Owls With Acrylics & Collage

Mixed Media Course Focusing On Collaging & Patterns


It's easy, fun and approachable for all levels. Learn new methods for creating expressive animal art.

Demonstration One

This version uses the following techniques and mediums;
  • acrylics
  • collaging
  • smudging
  • layering
  • compressed charcoal
  • expressive mark making
  • patterns

Demo Two

This version uses the following techniques and mediums;
  • acrylics
  • negative space painting
  • patterns
  • smudging
  • mark making with liner brush
  • scratching and scribing

Explore Patterns

This course will explore incorporating patterns. Discover some tips and tricks that will make this exciting and fun to experiment with.

The ultimate goal here is to branch out! Try new ideas so that you are constantly adding more techniques to your expressive painting tool box.

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos Text Icon 3 text files


Getting Started
Get Prepared
Inspiration Images
Time To Explore
Let's Explore The Owl
4 mins
Tips For Developing Patterns
8 mins
Accuracy & Gestural Sketches
11 mins
Explore Recap
4 mins
Demo One
12 mins
Demo Two
14 mins
Artist Gallery
10 mins