Abstract Cow Painting Techniques by Robert Joyner

Abstract Cow Painting Techniques

Simple Yet Highly Effective Techniques

It's All In The Approach

This course walks you through a practical and proven method for developing abstract cows.
Module One - Practical and easy to understand advice that teaches you the importance of angles, positive and negative shapes, and more.
Module Two: Dive deeper into shapes, details, and taking a closer look at what an abstract cow really means.
Module Three: Get connected with charcoal and acrylics by putting many of the ideas you've discovered into action. You will discover tips on letting go and applying the mediums expressively.
Module Four: Complete step-by-step demonstration.
Module Five: Complete step-by-step demo with collaging added.
Module Six: And one bonus demo just for fun!

Demo One Highlights

  • Toning with smudging
  • Painting in layers
  • Managing colors & values
  • Tips for painting with white
  • Crayon mark making tips

Demo Two Highlights

  • Tips for working with abstract beginnings
  • Edge control
  • Building depth with layers
  • Expressive mark making tips
  • Managing colors to add strong & subtle marks
  • Collaging techniques


Loved this class. Great style and I can't wait to try it myself. Also excellent advice on working with your subject to get to know it better and to play with the shapes and aspects that interest you most. LOVE LOVE LOVED this.
Karina J.
Love everything about this class! So refreshing after spending time doing photo realistic animal portraits. I needed this to bring back the fun in art. Can’t wait to play in my paints again. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m a fan !
L. Green

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Who is this class for?

If you enjoy painting animals and want to do it expressively, this is for you! A fantastic course loaded with ideas on how to approach abstract cow painting. Suited for all levels from beginner to advanced.

What's included?

Video Icon 25 videos Text Icon 12 text files


Getting Started
Getting Started Advice, Materials & Asset Image
Composition & Design Overview
The Four Most Important Lines
Angles VS Curves
Understanding Value Masses
Positive And Negative Shapes
Abstract Journey Begins Here
What Makes An Abstract Cow?
Seeing Shapes
Shapes And Value
Determining What To Include
Sketching Exercises With Charcoal & Acrylics
Project: Charcoal Sketches
5 mins
Step Two: Acrylic Sketching
6 mins
Demonstration One
Materials - Demonstration #1
3 mins
Toning The Surface
4 mins
Add Design & First Layer
6 mins
Add Second Layer
8 mins
Add Third Layer
5 mins
Finishing Touches Without Crayon
10 mins
Adding Crayon
7 mins
Mixed Media Demo With Collage
Material List & Purchase Info
Image Resources
Special Materials Needed
4 mins
Design And Composition
9 mins
Angles And Curves-HD 720p.mov
5 mins
7 mins
Crayon Mark Making Techniques
11 mins
Demonstration Part 1 - Materials
3 mins
Demonstration Part 2 - Toning Surface
4 mins
Demonstration Part 3 - Design Layout
3 mins
Demonstration Part 4 - Add Layer One Of Acrylics
7 mins
Demonstration Part 5 - Add Layer Two Of Acrylics
7 mins
Demonstration Part 6 - Add Layer Three
3 mins
Demonstration Part 7 - Add Collage
7 mins
Demonstration Part 8 - Add More Details And Refine Shapes
8 mins
Demonstration Part 9 - Finishing Touches
8 mins
11 mins
16 mins


Who is this class for?

Great for beginner and advanced artists that want to explore painting abstract cows. If you take this course it's because you know that there are no shortcuts and what free tutorials are available just don't do it for you.

I'm a total beginner, is this course for me?

Yep, this course assumes you have no prior knowledge of acrylics & mixed media. No previous experience required.

What if I hate it?

Whoa now, hate is a pretty strong word! But if you are unhappy with the course just contact me within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your money. Simple as that :)

How long do I have access?

You buy it and own it forever. Watch as many times as you like, and return as often as you wish.

If you sign up as a member you have access as long as your account is active.