Watercolor Master Class - Techniques & Color by Robert Joyner

Watercolor Master Class - Techniques & Color

A complete guide for techniques and color.

Learn The Techniques That Matter

If you love watercolor and need a go-to resource for understand various techniques this is the class for you. The lessons are broken down into bite-size, east to understand chunks of information that explain the most common methods of watercolor painting. 

Once you practice and start to understand the basics you will enjoy learning about color, tone & value which are very important for creating successful artwork.

You'll Love The Projects

Also included are easy & advanced projects that will get you started with creating your own body of watercolor paintings. 

Each project tackles specific techniques that will help you master the fundamentals before moving into advanced watercolor painting.

Who is this class for?

Beginner and intermediate watercolor artists that want a go-to resource for understanding the basics fundamentals of good watercolor painting.

You also should want to learn the secrets to mastering color and the unique qualities of watercolor painting.

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What's included?

Video Icon 36 videos Text Icon 1 text file


Materials & Supplies
21 mins
My Palette
3 mins
[NEW] Taking Care Of Brushes
3 mins
The Basics
Common Wash Techniques
13 mins
Soften Edges
3 mins
4 mins
White Space
8 mins
5 mins
4 mins
Dry Brush Technique
4 mins
Calligraphic Strokes
4 mins
4 mins
Scraping & Scratching
3 mins
Negative Space Painting
2 mins
2 mins
Easy Projects
Mountain Ranges
17 mins
Four Pine Trees
12 mins
Misty Pine Trees
16 mins
Sailboats With Burnt Sienna
11 mins
Value Study With Sailboats
33 mins
Post Your Project?
Explore Color
Your Brushes And Paper Works Like A Sponge
11 mins
Create Simple Colorwheel
9 mins
Three Common Color Mistakes
12 mins
Create A Value & Transparency Chart
12 mins
Working Light To Dark Study
9 mins
How To Explore Colors - Easy Project
21 mins
Four Things You Need To Know About Color
7 mins
Closer Look At Tea Mixtures
19 mins
Mixture Recap
17 mins
Value & Tone VS Color Demo
12 mins
Discover Neutrals
How To Create Neutrals
9 mins
Neutral Swatch Project - Wet In Wet
7 mins
Neutral Demo No.1
14 mins
Neutral Demo 2
11 mins
Good Design Concepts
Discover The Three Main Areas - Landscapes In Focus
4 mins
Do What Others Aren't Willing To Do - Tips For Creating Backgrounds
11 mins


I'm a beginner, is this for me?

yes! This is the perfect course for beginner watercolor artists. 

What materials will I need?

Drawing Supplies
60 lb. drawing paper
#2 pencil
Pencil sharpener
Watercolor Supplies
Watercolor spiral sketchbook (experiment with ideas)
Squirrel Mop; #8, #5, #2 (optional)
Hake; small, medium & large (optional)
Round; #12, #10
Needle #8
Wild child (old round)
Paint - use artist grade
Ultramarine blue
Cobalt blue
Phthalo blue, or Cerulean blue
Alizarin crimson
Rose Madder
Cadmium red deep
Yellow ochre
Burnt Sienna
Lemon yellow
Viridian green
Cadmium orange
Neutral tint
White gouache
Mijello palette; leakproof
Masking tape; 1.5" wide rolls
Spray bottle
Saunders cold press watercolor paper; full sheets 22x30"
Gator board to paint on, adhere paper to with masking tape; it's good to have several in various sizes
Collapsable water reservoirs X2; one for clean water and one to wash brushes
Old rags, or towels; great for drying brushes
Paper towels