Fun Exercises To Improve Your Drawing Skills by Robert Joyner

Fun Exercises To Improve Your Drawing Skills

Break away from rigid, traditional techniques. Great for all levels!

Welcome To Fun, But Very Effective, Drawing Exercises

In this class you will learn a series of unconventional drawing styles exercises that will help you see your subjects more clearly and upgrade your skills. It's designed for creatives of all levels from the beginner who is just starting out to experienced artists that want to break away from traditional, rigid drawing techniques and try something fresh and exciting.

Included in this course is:
  • a complete breakdown for each drawing exercise
  • plenty of demos to help illustrate each drawing technique
  • assignment reels for each technique where you complete a series of drawings using timed images
  • I will complete the same assignment reel as you so you have something to compare your work to
Suggested Materials
Draw with whatever you have. I use a variety of drawing mediums from granite to drawing with watercolors. I encourage you to draw with mediums that you don't ordinarily use. Spice it up!

Exercise Overview

Blind-contours - this is the ultimate building block for all other techniques that follow. Drawing your subjects without looking is the key to eliminating habits that are controlled by the logical side of the brain.

Semi-blind contours
- similar to blind-contours but you are allowed the occasional look to check your work. Another great tool to connect to your subjects.

Negative space drawing
- this is where you draw your subjects only using the space around them. It has a similar feel to contour drawing but different because you are focused on the space outside the subject.

Opposite-hand drawing
- Have you ever tried drawing with the opposite hand? What a learning experience this is! It allows the brain to stop focusing on pre-existing ideas and techniques because you have to re-teach yourself to draw.

Upside-down drawing
- an effective exercise that will shut out all previous expectations and experiences because you are seeing subjects in a new perspective. Lots of fun!

Straight line drawing
- this is where you drawing your subjects without any curved lines. All curves are expressed with a series of straight lines. This is a great way to change-up your routine and add a twist to your drawing skills.

What's included?

Video Icon 21 videos

Lesson Plan

2 mins
Blind Contour Drawing 10
9 mins
Blind Contour Assignment Reel
14 mins
Robert's Take Blind Contours
7 mins
Semi-Blind Contour 101
10 mins
Semi-Blind Contour Assignment
13 mins
Robert's Take Semi-Blind Contours
13 mins
Negative Space Drawing 101
6 mins
Negative Space Demos
9 mins
Negative Space Assignment Reel
14 mins
Robert's Take Negative Space Assignment
14 mins
Left-Handed Drawing (Using Opposite Hand)
4 mins
Left-Handed Assignment Reel
13 mins
Robert's Take Left-Handed Assignment
14 mins
Upside-Down Drawing 101
6 mins
Upside-Down Assignment Reel
13 mins
Robert's Take Upside-Down Assignment
13 mins
Straight Line Drawing 101
6 mins
Straight Line Assignments
13 mins
Robert's Take Straight Lines Assignment
13 mins
Recap & Projects
3 mins