Expressive Flowers With Watercolor by Robert Joyner

Expressive Flowers With Watercolor

Explore various wash techniques.


In this course you will learn the art of creating a colorful flower still life paintings using various techniques. 

Once you are finished with these lessons you will have a better understanding of how to create lovely florals using watercolors.

What you will learn

  • This class focuses on wet-in-wet & wet-in-dry techniques
  • How to manage water-to-pignment ratio
  • Become more efficient with mixing paints
  • Work light-to-dark
  • How to work thin-to-thick
  • The art of painting fast & loose

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What they are saying

Very cool class, very informative and well explained even if you are not a native english speaker is very easy to follow through. I'm really enjoying the class.
N. Martinez
So much value in this class! Highly recommended. Thank you!
Angelique Noll
Robert is very thorough with his instructions. He makes painting fun again.
Patricia Seaverson

Material List

11"x15" Watercolor paper, 140 lb. cold press
Ultramarine blue, Cadmium red deep, Alizarin crimson, Burnt Sienna, Viridian green, New gamboge, Yellow ochre, Neutral tint, White gouache
Water reservoir, Gator board (or something similar), masking tape
Squirrel mop brush #6, Pointed round #12, Escoda optimo kolinsky #12, Paper towels

What's included?

Video Icon 17 videos Text Icon 5 text files


Demonstration One
Part 1
3 mins
Part 2
5 mins
Part 3
5 mins
Part 4
10 mins
Part 5
15 mins
Artist Gallery
Need help?
Demo Two - Anemones
Inspiration Images
The Design
3 mins
First Layer
6 mins
Second Layer
6 mins
Third Wash
7 mins
Fourth Wash
3 mins
Demo Three - Daisies
The Design
5 mins
Add Design/Drawing
1 min
First Layer
6 mins
Second Layer
5 mins
Third Layer
2 mins
Critique One - The Before
10 mins
Critique Two - The After
15 mins


How long do I own the lessons?

Once you purchase you own it for a lifetime. So, take your time and watch whenever you wish.

Do I need the exact supplies?

Not necessarily but if you want to try to reproduce what Robert created it's recommended you have the listed supplies.

What if I don't like it?

There's a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't like it you simple contact us and we will issue a refund. Simple as that.

I'm a beginner, is this for me?

Wet-in-wet techniques require experience and you need to be familiar with this method a bit before trying. It's suited for those that have been painting a year, or more.