Expressive Landscapes - Acrylics & Collage by Robert Joyner

Expressive Landscapes - Acrylics & Collage

Advanced Acrylic Techniques

Learn To Paint Expressive Landscapes With Acrylics

This course will focus on creating dynamic, loose landscapes using acrylics. You will learn many tips for how to simplify your subjects in order to discover the big picture. Once you have this minimalistic design your work becomes much easier and you will save hours, if not days, of frustration.

Demo Image
mainlsworkshop.jpg 6.51 MB

Second Demo

A second step-by-step demo is now available. It includes various methods for painting loose including collaging.

Third Demo Now Available

The course just got better! A third demo is now available that features even more expressive landscape painting goodness.

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The Five Step Process

  1. Explore - Discover a valuable tool that will help you find limitless inspiration.
  2. Simplify - Learn why and how to reduce your subjects into two to three big shapes.
  3. Refine - Discover how to design within the frame.
  4. Test - now it's time to see how well the design holds up with a two tone pattern sketch.
  5. Create - Paint the final masterpiece based on all the previous lessons.

What's included?

Video Icon 18 videos Text Icon 6 text files


Start Here
Materials Needed
Inspiration Images
Bonus Video
5 mins
Thumbnail Sketching 101
Thumbnail Sketching 101
18 mins
Cure Common Thumbnail Mistakes
12 mins
Artist Gallery
The Frame And Why It Matters
The Frame 101
14 mins
Cure Common Problems
16 mins
Artist Gallery
Value Pattern Sketching
Two Value Pattern Sketch
9 mins
Cure Common Mistakes
7 mins
Artist Gallery
Demo One - Just Acrylics
Part One
6 mins
Part Two
15 mins
Part Three
18 mins
Part Four
12 mins
Part Five
6 mins
Cure Common Issues
17 mins
Artist Gallery
Demo Two - Acrylics & Collage
6 mins
The Design
9 mins
Demo Part One
21 mins
Demo Part Two
11 mins
Provincetown - Collage Demo
Commercial Street
24 mins