Easy Watercolor Paintings by Robert Joyner

Easy Watercolor Paintings

The ultimate beginner course!

Welcome To Easy Watercolor Paintings Course

Welcome to easy watercolor paintings; the absolute best beginner course for learning basic fundamentals and developing quality techniques.

This class is designed for the absolute beginner! We will start at the very beginning and work our way through all the skills you need to know.

And if you get stuck along the way I'm here to help. There's a comments section so just ask a question and I'll respond within 24 hours.
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The course has three sections:

Getting started: we will go over materials, affordable brushes, paper quality, color mixing basics, prepping paper, resizing paper and good palette management.

Basic techniques
: you will learn the three common mixtures, layering basics, explore brushwork techniques, managing water, working with wet washes and various skills.

Easy painting projects
: you will put your skills to the test and complete a series of paintings. Each project is designed to use certain techniques and skills. It's a great way to bring all the lessons together and create some easy, approachable artwork.
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Robert speaks to his students as if they are artist and isn’t full of himself. It’s all about the work haveIng fun. Mistakes aren’t an issue perfection either- it’s more of what did one discover and also learned about yourself. Very cool!
Angel F.
Great fundamentals class. Robert goes over the basics with materials and techniques, with clear explanations and examples. The exercises are especially fun and challenging. Love the loose watercolor approach! 
Maria C.
Fantastic course. Robert did it again :))) Course in which first parts you learn different techniques and the behavior of watercolors in different conditions and in the second part you apply this knowledge in some nice projects. Great!
Anton S.

What's included?

Video Icon 24 videos

Lesson Plan

Getting Started & Materials
Materials & Purchase Info
4 mins
Palette Tips
3 mins
Basic Techniques
Managing Water And Palette
3 mins
Prepping Paper
2 mins
Resize Large Sheets Of Paper
3 mins
Color Mixing Basics
8 mins
Common Wash Techniques
6 mins
Characteristics Of Watercolor
Three Common Mixtures
9 mins
Layering Basics
6 mins
Explore Brushes & Brushwork
7 mins
It's All About The Water
7 mins
Working Into Wet Washes & Paint
8 mins
Odds & Ends
5 mins
Easy Projects
Colorful Eggs Project
11 mins
Birch Trees Project
8 mins
Moody Forest Project
9 mins
Feathers Project
8 mins
Colorful Forest Project
11 mins
Variegated Leaves Project
6 mins
Negative Space Forest Project
8 mins
Three Trees Project
10 mins
Water's Edge Project
12 mins
Friends Project
13 mins
Projects & Recap
1 min