Easy Watercolor Landscape Course by Robert Joyner

Easy Watercolor Landscape Course

Paint your own stunning landscape art!
Are you frustrated trying to teach yourself watercolors? Then you are in the right place!
Whether you're brand new to watercolor painting, or have played around with it but need more guidance, this course will help you feel confident and comfortable using one of the most challenging mediums; watercolors.

This course was designed for the complete beginner, with helpful demonstrations and fun projects to get you taking action.

Why learn watercolor from me?
I have been a full-time artist for the past 15 years and have worked with major brands such as Churchill Downs, Kentucky Derby, Carnival Cruise Lines, CBS sitcoms to just name a few. Watercolor was my love and I have never looked back!

I promise to help you learn watercolor painting, no matter what it takes. If you ever get stuck, just post a message to the course dashboard and I'll be there to support you.

Happiness Guarantee
If you aren't happy with your purchase, we have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. There's literally no reason to hesitate!

What's included?

Video Icon 23 videos


Getting Started
Getting Started
2 mins
11 mins
3 mins
Easy Sky Demo 1
12 mins
Easy Sky Demo Part 2
14 mins
Intermediate Sky Demo 1
8 mins
Intermediate Sky Demo 2
10 mins
Easy Trees & Shrubs Part 1
14 mins
Easy Trees & Shrubs Part 2
11 mins
Pine Trees
13 mins
Easy Mountains Part 1
14 mins
Easy Mountains Part 2
10 mins
Easy Grass Hills & Mountains
8 mins
Easy Valley With Trees & Path
9 mins
Easy Colorful Background
11 mins
Warm Backgrounds Part 1
15 mins
Warm Backgrounds Part 2
9 mins
Project 1
17 mins
Project 2
21 mins
Project 3
16 mins
Project 4
16 mins
Assignment Recap
3 mins
Recap & Final Thoughts
1 min