Easy Acrylic Landscape Paintings by Robert Joyner

Easy Acrylic Landscape Paintings

Get ready to paint some awesome landscape artwork!

Welcome To Easy Acrylic Landscape Paintings

In this class I will share many landscape demonstrations and teach you step-by-step how to paint awesome, expressive landscape artwork. It's a fun, relaxing and educational! It's suited for all levels, not just beginners. If you have experience but find yourself stuck this is a perfect class to dive into!

Course Overview

The class will kickoff with a short lesson on my materials just in case you have questions about specific hues, brands, brush sizes, etc.

Then we will start painting. Each demo is filmed and edited so that it's uncut and in real time! So, you won't be scratching your head wondering why the demo jumped ahead and nothing was explained.

Each lesson is narrated with very useful tips and ideas. I will cover many aspects including color mixing, design, composition, brushwork and more.

At the end of each demo be sure to watch the 'why does this work' lesson. Here is where I will go into detail and explain the composition & design along with other technical aspects of the piece. A great addition that will help unlock some of the mysteries of painting.

The course is suited for all levels from beginner to aspiring acrylic artists that want to try some new techniques, or perhaps get out of one of those nasty ruts.

I hope you enjoy the course and thanks for your interest and support.
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What's included?

Video Icon 19 videos


3 mins
11 mins
Countryside Continued
9 mins
What Makes This Work - Countryside
5 mins
Yellow Field
10 mins
Yellow Field Continued
7 mins
What Makes This Work - Yellow Field
5 mins
Gray Sky
11 mins
Gray Sky Continued
8 mins
What Makes This Work - Gray Sky
6 mins
Two Color Canal
10 mins
Two Canal Continued
10 mins
What Makes This Work - Canal
6 mins
Cloudy Day
13 mins
What Makes This Work - Cloudy Day
5 mins
Country Road
9 mins
Country Road Continued
14 mins
What Makes This Work - Country Rod
5 mins
Recap & Assignments
1 min