Material List

Below you will find materials used in this course.
Note: If you need assistance on where to purchase supplies please use the link below.
Drawing Supplies
standard print paper
#2 pencil
Watercolor Supplies
Holbein Watercolor Hues
Ultramarine blue
Cobalt blue
Phthalo blue, or Cerulean blue
Alizarin crimson, or Rose Madder
Cadmium red deep
Yellow ochre
Burnt Sienna
New gamboge
Viridian green
Neutral tint
White gouache
Squirrel Mop;#5, #2 (or a haze wash brush)
Escoda Optimo Kolinsky #12
Pointed Round; #12, #10
Needle #8 (or liner brush)
Watercolor Paper
1 sheet Blick/Fabriano watercolor paper (used for sketches) You can use front and back
Saunders 140lb. cold press; 1/2 sheet 22x15"
Majello leak-proof palette
Masking tape; 1.5" wide rolls
Spray bottle
Gator board to paint on, adhere paper to with masking tape; it's good to have several in various sizes
Collapsable water reservoirs X2; one for clean water and one to wash brushes
Old rags, or towels; great for drying brushes
Paper towels

Advanced Watercolor Landscape Masterclass

How to plan a painting using smart design methods.

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