Below you will find a suggested list of materials needed for this class. You will be asked to create a few paintings using watercolor, acrylic or mixed media. Feel free to use whatever you prefer.

Materials List
Drawing paper
#2 pencil (or whatever you prefer to sketch with)
Large Sharpie
Watercolor Paint (use the medium of your choice)
Neutral tint
Yellow Ochre
Gamboge Nova
Cadmium red light
Ultramarine blue
Cobalt blue
Alizarin crimson
White gouache
Brushes (feel free to use your own brush selection)
#10 & 12 pointed round
Needle brush
#12 Optimo Kolinsky
Water reservoir
Masking tape
Firm drawing board, or Gator board
Ruler (at least 12" or longer)
Small and medium size paintbrush

Exploring The Human Figure - Introduction

The perfect introduction the drawing the human figure.

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