Dick Blick is my go-to online store for ordering supplies. They're reliable and always get the orders shipped quickly to my doorstep. Below are links to purchase materials if you need them.
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Paper & Sketchbooks
Blick Premier Sheet - (affordable alternative)
Blick Watercolor Paper - (good for finished acrylic paintings and watercolor studies only)
Holbein Paint
Holbein Beginner Set (if you want to save money)
Isabey Red Sable Rigger (excellent for fine detail, thin lines, etc.)
Hake Brush 3” (extra large)
Water Reservoir
Miscellaneous Supplies
Gator-board 16x23 inches (tape watercolor paper to for firm backing)
Gator-board 23x31 inches
Spray bottle/mister (purchase at target, Michael's)
Masking tape (Home Depot)
Large Sponge (Home Depot)

Watercolor Master Class - Techniques & Color

A complete guide for techniques and color.

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