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To get the most out of this course please consider the following suggestions.

  • I recommend that you watch the video the first time uninterrupted! Avoid distractions so that you can absorb the information.
  • Watch it a second time and take notes! This is the key step in determining what is important to you and how you are processing the information.
  • If you have questions don't be afraid to ask. Each lesson includes a comments section at the bottom of the page. Just fill it out and I will reply in a timely manner.

Artist Gallery
  • This was once an online workshop. The artist gallery is a collection of work that participants created for specific assignments.
  • If you would like to include your art in the gallery please forward the images to;

Embracing Imperfection - The Art Of Painting Loose

The Ultimate Guide To Developing The Right Attitude & Techniques For Expressive Painting.

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