In its basic form there are only two types of marks you can make. Those are;
Dot - You make a dot when your pencil, pen, marker, brush or whatever you are using touches the paper and doesn't move.
Line - A line is created when you touch the paper and move it in any direction.
You can break any shape down to a line or dot. It doesn't matter if it's one of the geometric shapes, or something more complex. In the end it's a series of lines, or a dot.

You can create a shapes using two methods.

Line - by drawing a line around the shapes.
Fill - by filling the shape with a value, or color.

Shapes can be combined in two ways.

Overlap - this is when one shape sits on top of another.
Passthrough - this is when shapes are combined but without a visible intersection. So, the two shapes are joined by an outline, or fill.

There are two types of shapes.

Static - where the shape has not movement such as a dot, square, triangle, horizontal and vertical line. 
Dynamic - The two types of dynamic shapes are slow and fast. Slow shapes have curves such as a wave. Fast shapes have sharp angles like mountains and light bolts.

Shapes also have;

Size - think small medium & large.
Direction - A subtle pull in one direction such as a rectangle, or tree foliage.
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