Material list, Important Dates & Assignment Info

Below you will find a material list, important dates chart with lesson info and lastly assignment guidelines. Be sure to read over everything and mark your calendar if needed.

Materials needed

  • #2 pencil, or you may use graphite or any other drawing medium (just remember you will be drawing light lines so avoid really dark leads)
  • Drawing paper - 15-20 sheets, feel free to use print paper, or any student grade paper. No need for expensive drawing paper since you will not focus on finished work. You can also use front and bak of paper.
  • Firm drawing board - this will give you an ideal surface to draw and you can angle it if needed so you are drawing perpendicular to the surface.
  • Masking tape - use it to tape corners of paper to board.

Important dates

Below you will find dates for lesson releases, assignments, quizzes and critiques. Be sure to have a look so you know what to expect.
Note: This is an extended workshop which basically means it will be longer than usual. To cover the material it will take about four weeks.

Assignment Info

In order to be eligible for the critique video(s) you must complete assignment by deadline(s). No exceptions!
IMPORTANT: Also note that the submission email has changed to: I will have this email available for each submission lesson.

Taking Pictures Of Your Art

Please use natural light and avoid indoor lighting. I realize inclimate weather is out of our control but do your best.
Please send large file size(s) so that I can use them for video format. Small images will be pixelated which isn't suitable for visual learning.

That's all! Thanks and good luck with the workshop.

Intermediate Figure Gesture Drawing

Intermediate figure drawing workshop that will demystify the human figure.

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