Get Loose With Basic Shapes

In this short video tutorial you will learn the gist of painting loose with basic shapes using acrylics and mixed media. Painting abstract and expressive style artwork means understanding how to let go of the details. In this free lesson you will see how I interpret basic shapes which is the easiest way to learning how to become an expressive artist.

How This Lesson Will Help You

Using charcoal and just a few acrylics is a simple and easy way to break the ice with mixed media and painting loosely. By keeping it simple you can focus on the concept and not become overwhelmed with details and choices. For anyone that wants to begin your abstract journey this is a great way to do it. From here you can slowly progress by adding more complicated shapes and eventually subjects.


Be sure to spend quality time practicing this simple exercise. This will help you the physical challenges of painting loose. This is also the least understood aspect for artists - the physical connection! You need to learn how it feels to apply paint and charcoal loosely. Unless you physically do it then chances are your body, and brain, will not go there because it doesn't know how to do it. Once you have painted loosely then your body has a better chance to recreate these actions when you decide to use them. A very important aspect of the learning curve and I can't stress how important this is.
Hope you enjoyed the free art lesson and thanks for having a look.
Here is the demonstration image

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