Materials & Supplies

This is an overview of all the materials I use and why I prefer them over others. The overall theme here is to keep the materials simple. And by simple I mean minimal!

Here are a few key points;
  • Keep it simple & affordable
  • Always have a sketchbook & #2 pencil
  • Why I prefer heavy body acrylics
  • Why paper is the ideal surface for learning
  • Keep brush selection minimal
  • Paint small and paint often

Paper And Canvas
Blick Watercolor Paper - (good for finished acrylic paintings)
Blick Spiral-bound Pad 9x12 (good for painting small studies)
Blick Wire-bound Sketchbook10x7
Fredrix Pleinair Paintboards 8x10 inches
Fredrix Pleinair Paintboards 11x14 inches
Fredrix Pleinair Paintboards 16x20 inches

Utrecht Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

Blick White Hog Bristle Set (Flat & Rounds)
Princeton Synthetic Set (Softer and good for thinner mixtures)
Geurrilla Filbert Set
Blick Outliners #2 (long bristles for linear strokes)
Blick Outliners #6
Blick Outliners #10

Miscellaneous supplies
Gator-board 16x23 inches (tape watercolor paper to for firm backing)
Gator-board 23x31 inches
Masking tape (Home Depot)
Large Sponge (Home Depot)
Blick Aluminum Travel Tripod Easel
Plastic collapsible water reservoir x2
Mister/spray bottle (purchase at Target, Michael's)
Paper towels (purchase at Target, Michael's)
#2 pencil (purchase at Target, Michael's)

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