How to Apply Acrylics & Avoid This Common Mistake

Simple yet effective method for applying acrylics.
Discover how to apply acrylic paint for best results. This tips is simple but effective. The goal is to always pre-wet your brush and dilute your paint with a touch of water. This will create smoother strokes.

With a dry brush you will get a broken, or rough stroke. This may be useful for adding texture in some cases but avoid using this type of application to create an entire piece of art.

You don't need too add a medium to acrylics to make them more fluid. Water will do so long as you don't overdo it.

Important: Avoid watercolor type of look where the quality of the paint is too thin. This may cause fading, or flaking later on. With acrylics you use white to tint hues.

Materials used in this demo
Princeton Synthetic Set (softer brushes and good for thinner mixtures)
Blick Watercolor Paper - (good for finished acrylic paintings)
Fredrix Pleinair Paintboards 8x10 inches
Plastic collapsible water pot 
Blick Paper Palette Pad16x20” x 50 disposable sheets

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