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We all have our own method for what works best when learning. By no means do I have the right to change that. However, in my experience teaching artists the necessary skills to paint freely I have discovered some facts that seem to get positive results.
  • Watch the video the first time all the way through.
  • Watch it again but this time take notes.
  • Don't underestimate any step, or technique no matter how simple it may appear.
  • Apply the technique(s) for yourself.
  • Don't expect great results in the beginning. 
  • 60% of your art time should be dedicated to experimenting with techniques.
  • Avoid dedicating more than 40% of your time creating final paintings when you are learning the art of expressing yourself. There will be plenty of time for that later on.


2 - 18" x 24" 90 lb. drawing paper
3 - 22” x 30” watercolor paper 140 lb. cold press
Heavy body acrylics
Ultramarine blue
Alizarin crimson
Cadmium orange
Green gold
Yellow oxide
Raw umber
Titanium white
Large round
Medium Fan
Small round
Large Outliner
Small outliner
Compressed charcoal
Reservoir(s) water
Note: Feel free to use the colors & brushes that fit your style and preferences. I'm very flexible and believe in giving artists the necessary information to get them started but do not intend to control their creativity. I do however recommend painting on paper for anyone that's never painted loosely. This is more cost effective and will encourage you to explore without the pressure of spending a lot of money upfront.

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Paper And Canvas
Blick Paper Palette Pad16x20” x 50 disposable sheets
Utrecht Heavy Body Paint
Caran d’Ache Water Soluble Crayons
Favorite Crayon Colors
Compressed Charcoal & Jumbo Graphite
Water Reservoir
Miscellaneous Supplies
Inspiration Image

Abstract Cow Painting Techniques

Simple Yet Highly Effective Techniques

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