Color Harmony With Watercolors by Robert Joyner

Color Harmony With Watercolors

Fantastic color solutions without all the rigid, color formula theories! All levels welcome.

Welcome To Color Harmony With Watercolors

In this class I will share color harmony tips that will help you create better art! It's a fun class and suited for all levels, so don't be intimidated if you are just starting out, join in and embrace the wonderful world of color.

The focus is color and I will be using florals as my muse. However, these ideas can be used on any subject. Even if you don't like painting flowers I still recommend you check this class out.

Four Main Sections

Section One: I'll share a short video of the materials I use in the lessons, then I have two more short videos on some of the color mixing techniques used along the way. This should help answer any questions you may have about terminology, colors descriptions and so on.

Section Two; Tonal & Chromatic Color Harmony
- This section includes two short videos on how the ideas work and I will paint a simple cube to illustrate the idea. Then I'll paint two quick floral paintings using tonal and chromatic palettes.

Section Three; Dominant Temperatures
- As with the previous section I'll paint two simple cubes and then follow up with two floral demonstrations where you will get a great visual for warm and cool dominant palettes.

Section Four; Dominant Values
- Again, I'll illustrate the two ideas by painting a few cubes, then I'll paint two florals using a dominant light and a dominant dark palette.'s your turn! There's a recommended project at the end of the demos so you can master these color harmony ideas. Feel free to use the templates furnished in the resources or use your own subjects. You can opt to paint florals, or pick any other subject such as a landscape, still life and so on.
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What's included?

Video Icon 16 videos


Getting Started
4 mins
Course Overview
2 mins
Chroma, Saturation & Intensity
6 mins
Get To Know Your Colors
6 mins
Dominant Temperatures
Warm Dominant 101
7 mins
Dominant Warm Floral Demo
12 mins
Cool Dominant 101
5 mins
Dominant Cool Floral Demo
10 mins
Dominant Chromas
Tonal Palette 101
7 mins
Tonal Floral Demo
9 mins
Chromatic Palette 101
7 mins
Chromatic Floral Demo
10 mins
Dominant Values
Dominant Light and Dark Hues 101
10 mins
Dominant Light Floral Demo
15 mins
Dominant Dark Hue Floral Demo
9 mins
Recommended Project(s) & Templates
2 mins