Bookkeeping 101 - Your Online Art Business Starts Here by Robert Joyner

Bookkeeping 101 - Your Online Art Business Starts Here

The Business Of Art - What you need to know about setting up shop.

Hi, I'm Robert Joyner

And I've created Bookkeeping 101 for artists like you that want to learn what it takes to become a part-time or full-time professional.

Bookkeeping 101 Starts February 11, 2019

If you made money selling art in 2018 and see your art growing into a part-time job in the future you need to know your responsibilities for reporting income and expenses. This will save you a lot of headache, time and wasted money in penalties and fines.

Here's a quick look at what you will learn;
  • what are your legal responsibilities
  • the difference between hobby and business
  • get to know income & expenses
  • new IRS tax laws for hobbyists (very important!)
  • how to setup paper or digital accounting system
  • and much more...


Learned so much from your input. Great course! Many thanks!
Just what i needed. Thank you!
Gorazd G.
Fantastic & fun! Please make more videos!
Michelle L.

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What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 5 text files


What To Expect & 2019 Schedule
Bookkeeping 101
What You Will Need To Get Started With Bookkeeping
2 mins
Hobby Versus Business
2 mins
Tax Reform Laws [Tax Cuts and Jobs Act]
3 mins
How To Establish Your Art As A Business
4 mins
Deciding Between Hobby And Business
2 mins
What Is A Transaction?
2 mins
Two Types Of Transactions
5 mins
Setup A System
4 mins
Manual Tracking Example
7 mins
Manual Bookkeeping Spreadsheet
1.43 MB
Get To Know The Categories - Tracking Transactions Successfully
What To Do With Spreadsheet When Year Ends
Digital Tracking Example
4 mins
Filing Taxes - Helpful Links
2 mins
Conclusion & Parting Thoughts