Unlock The Unique Qualities Of Watercolors by Robert Joyner

Unlock The Unique Qualities Of Watercolors

Focus On Color, Transparency, Value And Neutrals

Advanced Skills For Aspiring Watercolor Artists

In this course you will learn intermediate and advanced watercolor skills that will improve you color, tone & value. These three skills combined can make, or break a painting.

Most artists simply try to copy the colors they see in their images and nature.

And that's a battle you will lose every single time! Instead of trying to color match the focus needs to be on warm versus cool, light versus dark and not color alone.

What you will learn

The tutorials in this course will help you simplify your color, value and tone approach and gain more control over your artwork. And you will never get caught in the trap of color matching ever again.

Also included

Advanced projects that will get you started with creating more complex paintings. 

These projects will help guide you through the many aspects of color, value and tone and this save you hours of frustration and money.

Who is this class for?

Intermediate and advanced watercolor artists that know they have issues with muddy colors and flat art. The ideal student needs to be goal oriented and have a solid work ethics for completing projects.

Here are some of the demonstrations & projects included.
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What's included?

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Your Brushes And Paper Works Like A Sponge
11 mins
Create A Simple Color Wheel
9 mins
Create A Value & Transparency Chart
12 mins
Three Common Mistakes
12 mins
Working Light To Dark Study
9 mins
Four Things You Need To Know About Color
7 mins
Close Look At Tea Mixtures (Transparent)
19 mins
Tea Mixture Recap
17 mins
Milk Mixtures
19 mins
Exploring Neutrals
How To Create Neutrals
9 mins
Neutral Swatch Project - Wet In Wet
7 mins
Value 101
Value & Tone VS Color Demo
12 mins
Advanced Projects
Neutral Demo 1
14 mins
Neutral Demo 2
11 mins
Value Study With Sailboats
33 mins
More Coming Soon...
Cityscapes, Landscapes & Street Scenes
Three Area Example Tutorial
4 mins
(NEW) Advanced Watercolor Landscape Painting Tutorial
27 mins
(NEW) Do What Others Aren't Willing To Do - Tips For Creating Backgrounds
11 mins
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