Drawing The Human Figure Part II - Volume & Form by Robert Joyner

Drawing The Human Figure Part II - Volume & Form

Advanced Figure Course

Volumetric Figure Drawing

This is an advanced figure drawing course that teaches you how to add volume and form.

Section One: Rib cage
Learn how to add volume to the rib cage and render it in various angles and poses.
Section Two: Pelvis
Learn the best shape and volume practices for drawing the pelvis in various positions.
Section Three: Head & Neck
Learn the basic shapes used to draw the head and skull, plus develop the techniques needed to attach it to the neck and body.
Section Four: Legs
A complete breakdown of the upper and lower leg volumes. Learn how they are similar and some key differences.
Section Five: Arms
Learn the basic volume for rendering the upper and lower arms and how they attach to the deltoids.
Section Six: Hands
Discover how to divide the base of the hand and the fingers. Use various shapes to describe these features.
Section Seven: Feet
Learn how to simplify the foot volume into three main shapes/volumes.
Section Eight: Demonstration
Robert will complete to figure drawings using all the body volumes discussed in the previous lessons.

  • 7 Quizzes
  • Over 7 hours of quality instruction
  • Detailed breakdown and hi-res demo images
  • 7 Practice reels to put your skills to the test
  • 7 of Robert's practice reels where he draws the same exact figures
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Lesson Plan

Start Here
Materials & Getting Started
Rib Cage
Rib Cage 101
8 mins
Rib Cage Demonstrations
9 mins
Rib Cage Demonstrations With Model
11 mins
Rib Cage: Quiz
Rib Cage Practice Reel
22 mins
Robert's Rib Cage Practice Reel
23 mins
Pelvis 101
2 mins
Pelvis Exercise & Project
8 mins
Locating The Pelvis
23 mins
Pelvis: Quiz
Pelvis Practice Reel
26 mins
Robert's Pelvis Practice Reel
31 mins
Head & Neck
Head Volume 101
7 mins
The Egg Lesson & Project
7 mins
The Egg Drawings
12 mins
The Neck & Head Details
5 mins
Head & Neck Demonstrations
13 mins
Head & Neck: Quiz
Head & Neck Practice Reel
19 mins
Robert's Head & Neck Practice Reel
18 mins
Legs 101
9 mins
Lower Leg Volume 101
3 mins
Connecting Legs To Pelvis Demonstrations
9 mins
Legs: Quiz
Leg Practice Reel
22 mins
Robert's Leg Practice Reel
21 mins
Upper Arm Volume 101
5 mins
Lower Arm Volume
5 mins
Arm Volume Demonstrations With Model
10 mins
Arms: Quiz
Arm Practice Reel
22 mins
Robert's Arm Practice Reel
22 mins
Hand Volume 101
12 mins
Hand Volume Part 2
6 mins
Hands: Quiz
Hand Practice Reel
22 mins
Robert's Hand Practice Reel
20 mins
Foot Volume 101
11 mins
Feet: Quiz
Foot Practice Reel
22 mins
Robert's Foot Practice Reel
22 mins
Final Demonstration - All Volumes Included
Final Demonstration One - All Volumes Included
12 mins
Final Demonstration Two - All Volumes Included
9 mins
Congratulations - You Are Finished!