Drawing The Human Figure Part I - Gesture Style by Robert Joyner

Drawing The Human Figure Part I - Gesture Style

An in-depth course for learning key landmarks, proportions, action lines and capturing gesture.

This Course Covers Many Aspects Of The Human Figure

If you have ever wanted to draw the human figure this is for you! An extensive online course that teaches you what you NEED to know about drawing figures.

Course Overview

Section One: Primary action lines
Learn how to simplify poses into one simple line that captures the movement and gesture of the figure.
Section Two: Action lines
These lines will include other main body parts that help support, and add to, the primary action line.
Section Three: Axis Lines
We will focus on the two main axis lines which ate the pelvis and shoulders. This will help understand important angles and eliminate stiff looking figures.
Section Four: Torso
We will use two ovals to simplify the torso then fuse them together to capture the mid-section of the pose.
Section Five: Center Lines
This line is designed to help determine the vertical axis of the torso. We will also discuss important anatomical landmarks that will add volume to the torso area.
Section Six: Legs
Learn how to divide the legs into basic shapes and determine the direction of the lower and upper areas.
Section Seven: The Feet
Perhaps one of the more difficult and often misinterpreted areas of the human figure. Learn how to simplify the feet into basic shapes and how to draw the illusion of stability.
Section Eight: Upper Torso
Learn the basic forms of the upper back and torso. Discover how you you can easily use three-to-four shapes to easily draw this area. We will also look at axis and direction of certain parts in order to capture more dynamic drawings.
Section Nine: The Arms
Identify the key landmarks, curves and angles of the upper and lower arm. When you are finished with this section you will no longer struggle with drawing arms.
Section Ten: The Hands
A complete breakdown of the fronts and backs of the hands. Discover how to simplify this problematic body part into easy geometric shapes. This lesson will make your hands more three-dimensional and dynamic.
Section Eleven: The Head & Neck
As with other body parts we will simplify these into basic geometric shapes. Then discover the important features and landmarks that help determine the best approach from drawing these areas. We will look at various perspectives to help understand how the neck and head are drawn in poses.
Section Twelve: Light & Shadow
Discover powerful techniques that infuse light and shadow into your drawing. This will add a realistic, three-dimensional appearance to your figures.

Course Includes

  • 26 tutorials
  • 26 Assignments
  • 12 Practice reels with timed poses
  • Helpful student critiques that fix common issues
  • 4 quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Ask questions & get answers
  • Artist gallery to post your work and see what others are doing.
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Great comments for everyone Robert. Measurement, alignment, movement. This course is so great - the length is great too as we are really able to start bedding down what we’ve learned .
Thank you!
Sara H.
Just want to say this is not only one of your best courses, but one of the best I've participated in. You have outdone yourself!
Sharon S.
The lesson plan is fabulous. My figure drawing has improved exponentially. All the things I've struggled with are being addressed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Deborah D.

What's included?

Video Icon 45 videos Text Icon 9 text files

Lesson Plan

Materials & Important Dates
Material list
Primary Action Lines
Primary Action Line
11 mins
Primary Action Line Practice Reel - Assignment One
312 MB
Artist Gallery
Assignment One Critiques
10 mins
Introduction To Action Lines
7 mins
Primary Action Line & Action Line Demonstrations
8 mins
PAL & Action Line Practice Reel - Assignment Two
12 mins
Assignment Two Submission Info & Artist Gallery
Assignment Two Critiques
5 mins
Axis Lines Overview
8 mins
Axis Line Demos
11 mins
Axis Line(s) Practice Reel
7 mins
Assignments & Artist Gallery
Action & Axis Lines: Quiz
Torso 101
7 mins
Torso Demonstrations
7 mins
Torso Assignment Practice Reel
14 mins
Assignment, Submission Info & Artist Gallery
Torso Assignment Critiques
13 mins
Center Lines
11 mins
Center Line Demonstrations
5 mins
Center Line Practice Reel
13 mins
Center Line Assignment & Artist Gallery
Torso: Quiz
Legs 101
8 mins
Leg Demonstrations
8 mins
Leg Practice Reel Assignment
32 mins
Assignment Two Submission Info & Artist Gallery
Leg Critiques
15 mins
Feet 101 - Demonstrations Front & Back Views
8 mins
Feet Demonstrations - Alternative Views
6 mins
Feet Practice Assignment Reel
38 mins
Submission & Assignment Info
Feet Critiques
19 mins
Upper Torso
Upper Torso 101
10 mins
Upper Torso Demonstrations
5 mins
Practice Reel
38 mins
Upper Torso Assignment
Upper Torso: Quiz
Arms 101
9 mins
Arm Demonstrations
7 mins
Practice Reel & Assignment Info
38 mins
Arms: Quiz
Hands 101
7 mins
Simple Hand Demonstrations
10 mins
Hand Demonstrations Part Two
12 mins
Practice Reel & Assignment Info
46 mins
Hand Critiques
14 mins
Head & Neck
Head 101
9 mins
Head Demonstrations
9 mins
Head Demonstrations Part Two
6 mins
Practice Reel & Assignment Info
60 mins
Head Critiques
17 mins
Light & Shadow 101
Light & Shadow 101
4 mins
Light & Shadow Demonstration
19 mins
Practice Reel & Assignment Info
42 mins
14 mins