Advanced Acrylic Painting

A fabulous course for advanced acrylic artists.

What You Will Learn

If you are a serious acrylic artist and want one reliable source to help you achieve loose and expressive artwork this a perfect solution just for you. The tutorials cover many ideas for applying acrylics and mixed media that will expand your creativity.


Informative study on value and tone. He gives valuable tips on depth, form, and light. Thanks for a solid class! Nice job!
Lydia B.
As a self-taught artist, this is a great lesson for creating value and depth in your paintings. Thank you for keeping it loose and fun!
Lisa Meyers

What's included?

Video Icon 20 videos Text Icon 2 text files

Lesson Plan

What's New?
Materials & Getting Started
Advanced Techniques
Get Loose With Basic Shapes
3 mins
Dynamic Edges - One Small Change, Equals Big Results
3 mins
Edge,Body & Background
2 mins
Exaggerating - Exercise to Loosen Up
4 mins
It's In The Details
9 mins
The Coloring Book No-No
11 mins
How to Add Confident Drawing To Your Art
4 mins
Smudging - Three Examples
13 mins
How To Develop Loose Brushwork - Managing Colors
7 mins
Big Brush For Details - Explore Brushwork
8 mins
Explore Big Brush Painting
5 mins
Five Stages Of A Painting
Stage One Composition
8 mins
Sage Two Color
6 mins
Stage Three Build Up
7 mins
Stage Four Light & Shadow
7 mins
Stage Five Details
14 mins
Know Your Subjects
Getting Started & Material List
Working With Images
2 mins
Working With Charcoal
10 mins
Connecting With Acrylics
9 mins
Connecting With Mixed Media
8 mins


Who is this class for?

Ideal for intermediate and advanced artists. If you take this course it's because you have solid basic painting fundamentals and ready to achieve more expressive artwork.

How long do I have access?

You buy it, you own it forever. Come back and watch as many times as you wish.
Or, opt to become a member and watch it as many times as you wish so long as your account is active.

What materials will I need to get started?

Once you have watched the lessons and understand the process you can begin implementing the techniques with the following materials:
  • drawing paper, small to medium size
  • graphite, or charcoal
  • 2-3 crayons (optional)
  • 22x30" 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper (you can choose canvas if you prefer that surface)
  • Selection of heavy body acrylics such as white, yellow, blue, red will do.
  • Small selection of brushes: small, medium, large

What if I hate it?

Whoa now, hate is a pretty strong word! But if you are unhappy with the course just contact me within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your money. Simple as that :)

I'm a total beginner, is this course for me?

No. This is intended for experienced artists that have been painting with acrylics at least two years.