Acrylic 101 by Robert Joyner

Acrylic 101

Get to know the basic techniques, common issues & other necessary skills.

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What's included?

Video Icon 23 videos Text Icon 2 text files


The Basic Techniques
Materials & Supplies
12 mins
Beginner Palette
4 mins
How to Apply Acrylics & Avoid This Common Mistake
6 mins
Palette Management 101
4 mins
Mind You Water
2 mins
Recycle Unused Painting
2 mins
Learn Two Methods For Acrylic Painting
10 mins
How To Tone The Surface
4 mins
Beginner Acrylic Painting Tip For Blocking In
6 mins
Easy Step-By-Step Acrylic Landscape Video Demonstration
14 mins
Value & Tone
Gather Materials
Intro To Grayscale
5 mins
Value Range Example
3 mins
Learn The Basic Shapes
13 mins
Grayscale Demo With House
10 mins
Capturing Depth With Grayscale
7 mins
Quick Look Art Color
4 mins
Capturing Depth With Color
7 mins
Grayscale & Color Demo
16 mins
Intro To Tone
4 mins
Tone Demo
13 mins
Drawing Mediums
7 mins
Mixed Media Demo Using Tone & Value
18 mins
Expressive Acrylic Techniques
Expressive Mark Making Techniques
11 mins
Acrylics & Mixed Media
Coming Soon...