Acrylic 101 by Robert Joyner

Acrylic 101

Get to know the basic techniques, common issues & other necessary skills.

Hi, I'm Robert Joyner

And I've created Acrylic 101 for people like you that want to learn the basic techniques and methods of this wonderful medium!
If you've always wanted to...
  • Learn the basic acrylic application methods.
  • How to apply acrylic with confidence.
  • Stop the guess work and build a solid acrylic foundation.
Then this course is for you!
  • Discover the common methods for applying acrylic to canvas and paper.
  • How to overcome the common mistakes many acrylics artists make.
  • Learn value and tone essentials that add depth to your art.


Very good lessons on a variety of techniques with good demos, tips and advice along the way. You feel you come away with a solid beginners tool kit. Thank you Robert.
Iona Morrison
One of the best classes that I have ever come across. It's very lucid to understand and very comprehensive. I will highly recommend this class.
Jyotsna Pippal

What's included?

Video Icon 23 videos Text Icon 1 text file

Lesson Plan

The Basic Techniques
Materials & Supplies
12 mins
Beginner Palette
4 mins
How to Apply Acrylics & Avoid This Common Mistake
6 mins
Palette Management 101
4 mins
Mind You Water
2 mins
Recycle Unused Painting
2 mins
Learn Two Methods For Acrylic Painting
10 mins
How To Tone The Surface
4 mins
Beginner Acrylic Painting Tip For Blocking In
6 mins
Easy Step-By-Step Acrylic Landscape Video Demonstration
14 mins
Value & Tone
Gather Materials
Intro To Grayscale
5 mins
Value Range Example
3 mins
Learn The Basic Shapes
13 mins
Grayscale Demo With House
10 mins
Capturing Depth With Grayscale
7 mins
Quick Look Art Color
4 mins
Capturing Depth With Color
7 mins
Grayscale & Color Demo
16 mins
Intro To Tone
4 mins
Tone Demo
13 mins
Expressive Acrylic Techniques
Drawing Mediums
7 mins
Expressive Mark Making Techniques
11 mins
Mixed Media Demo Using Tone & Value
18 mins