Watercolor Master Class - Lite Version by Robert Joyner

Watercolor Master Class - Lite Version

A condensed version for techniques and color.


Very free flowing and engaging style of teaching. The demonstrations are excellent. Not pedantic. Very hands on. I like it that the whole ambience is a little rough round the edges - that you realize that new and expensive material is not what counts.
Nirmalkumar Prabhu
Best class I have come across for teaching the basics of watercolor.
Anna Aspnes
If you are a beginner it gives you a bit of fear to start painting, this course will take away your fear. It has enough content, from the materials you will need, several different techniques that are usually used in all types of paints, a bit of color theory and how to use colors in watercolor, various demos to start practicing and tips very useful. I think it's the whole package to start:)
Zazil Padillia Cabrera

What's included?

Video Icon 15 videos


My Palette
3 mins
Taking Care Of Brushes
3 mins
Materials & Supplies
21 mins
The Basics
Soften Edges
3 mins
4 mins
White Space
8 mins
5 mins
4 mins
Dry Brush Technique
4 mins
Calligraphic Strokes
4 mins
4 mins
Scraping & Scratching
3 mins
Negative Space Painting
2 mins
2 mins
Common Wash Techniques
13 mins