Embracing Imperfection - Lite Version by Robert Joyner

Embracing Imperfection - Lite Version

The Ultimate Guide To Developing The Right Attitude & Techniques For Expressive Painting.


This fellow could inspire a sweet potato to have some fun at an easel. Very freeing, happy stuff. I am so revved up!
B. Horst
This class has already exceeded my expectations and I'm only part way through. Robert clarifies, simplifies, and demystifies what you should focus on to work more loosely. His demonstrations bring the point home very effectively. I tried painting the way he suggested and it works. This is just what I was looking for! Highly recommend!
Keren D.

What's included?

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Getting Started & Materials
Materials & Overview
Start Here!
What You Need To Know About Materials
What You Need To Know About Paper/Canvas
6 mins
What You Need To Know About Palettes
3 mins
What You Need To Know About Brushes
13 mins
Develop The Right Approach
Three Types Of Art
10 mins
Abstract Versus Realism - Pencil And Paper
7 mins
Develop The Right Attitude
10 mins