Learn To Paint Loose

At painthog we focus on how to blend classic fundamentals with expressive painting techniques. Join hundreds of artists and discover the thrill of painting loose with acrylics and watercolor.


Many artists spend a lifetime painting and rarely improve.

It's common these days for artists to spend years trying to replicate what they see on the Internet. They watch hours of free videos copying what they think they see. The results are one failure after the next.

The madness continues as they search for the missing pieces. In desperation they try other free resource like Pinterest and Instagram thinking one day they'll get lucky and have a breakthrough.

This is a trap! You will only become more frustrated in this downward spiral and probably waste years of valuable time. Not to mention thousands of dollars in supplies. A new brush today and perhaps another round of fresh paint tomorrow. But all the best supplies in the world won't fix your problems. It will only escalate them!

The solution is simple. Your artwork needs personalized feedback and attention that's required to make online learning possible. Without it you are simply guessing and hoping for the best. That's a recipe for more heartache.

As a painthog member you have an affordable opportunity to get access to advanced monthly workshops that includes critiques on your work from someone that does this full time. This personalized feedback will point out weaknesses in your art. The missing pieces that you never knew existed. And you get the answers and lessons you need to fix them!

Don't become the next victim of the Internet freebies. Let your passion evolve with the proper approach to becoming a proficient artist. Imagine painting lovely works consistently rather than getting lucky once in a while.

Will today be the day you make that change?



Love everything about this class! So refreshing after spending time doing photo realistic animal portraits. I needed this to bring back the fun in art. Can’t wait to play in my paints again. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m a fan!
Luanne Green
Well produced with lots of detailed information and good demos. Very interesting and clear, with good examples! Thanks Robert.
Jen G.
Robert is a great teacher. A lot of useful information packed into this course. I have always struggled with composition but I feel much more confident after watching tutorials.
Pamela Gatens

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Not Interested In Workshops? Just Starting Out?

If you are just getting started with watercolor and acrylics be sure to visit robertjoynerartist.com. There you will find plenty of free beginner and intermediate tutorials for learning the basic techniques.


Learn To Paint Loose

Monthly online workshops dedicated to teaching you the art of painting loose with acrylics and watercolor. Get the feedback you need in order to take your art to the next level. Why settle for mediocrity when you have the opportunity to be much better?