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Embracing Imperfection Online Workshop - Starts January 21st

In this workshop you will learn a variety of tips and methods for painting loose with acrylics and/or watercolor. If you have ever wanted to...

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Going Pro - How To Start, Manage And Operate A Successful Art Business

In this course you will what it takes to become a professional art. The tutorials will cover various topics from building proper websites to accounting.

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Basic Drawing & Brushwork Skills

Enjoy a series of tutorials for developing basic drawing & brushwork skills needed to become an efficient painter. This course for any artist that needs...

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Painters Guide To Design & Composition

It’s imperative that an artist sees what it is they’re creating. This may sound odd but it’s not uncommon for artists to be completely blind...

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Watercolor Master Class - Techniques & Color

If you love watercolor and need a go-to resource for understand various techniques this is the class for you. The lessons are broken down into...

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Advanced Watercolor Landscape Masterclass

In this masterclass you will learn advanced watercolor landscape painting techniques. When you are finished with these lessons you will realize that the finished painting...

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Flowers With Watercolor - Fast & Loose

In this course you will learn the art of creating a colorful flower still life paintings using wet-in-wet techniques. Once you are finished with these...

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Acrylic 101

In this class you will discover tips & techniques for getting started with acrylic painting. The lessons will help you build a solid foundation and...

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Advanced Acrylic Painting

If you are a serious acrylic artist and want one reliable source to help you achieve loose and expressive artwork this a perfect solution just...

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Secrets To Expressive Landscape Painting With Acrylics & Collage

This course will focus on creating dynamic, loose landscapes using acrylics. You will learn many tips for how to simplify your subjects in order to...

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Who, Hooo Wants To Paint Extraordinary Owls?

In this an online course where you will learn various mixed media methods for creating colorful, expressive and contemporary owl paintings. This is suited for...

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Stop Struggling To Create Expressive Still Life Art

In this course you will learn advanced expressive still life painting techniques using acrylics and mixed media. This is an in-depth masterclass for any experienced...

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Expressive Flowers With Acrylics & Mixed Media

Online acrylic course where you will learn the essential skills needed to paint lovely, expressive still life paintings with flowers. You will start from the...

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Abstract Cow Painting Techniques

This course walks you through a method for developing the right approach for painting abstract cows. Practical and easy to understand advice that teaches you...

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Roosters With Acrylic

In this course you will learn a fantastic approach on how to paint roosters with acrylic. These lessons will walk you through some basic composition...

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Master Your Artistry

The ultimate student resource for creatives. This is the one guide that will help you become more focused on what matters the most; your progress....

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