Beginner Head Drawing Workshop

30 day workshop starts October 21st, 2019. Learn easy to apply ideas and techniques for drawing portraits. Beginner friendly.
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Drawing The Human Figure II

[NEW] A complete guide to learning how to draw the human figure.
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Drawing The Human Figure I

A course designed to teach you the basic skills needed to draw and paint the human figure.
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Master Essential Drawing Mechanics

Develop essential skills for drawing. A must have for all artists that want to develop a solid foundation.
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Master Essential Drawing Mechanics II

Learn how to create expressive drawings and sketches. Must have intermediate drawing skills!
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A Complete Guide To Design & Composition

It’s imperative that an artist sees what it is they are creating. This may sound odd but it’s not uncommon for artists to be completely blind to their work.
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How To Blend Traditional And Contemporary Color Theories

Stop struggling with color and harness the power of how it can dramatically improve your artwork. Beginner through advanced techniques for all levels.
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Embracing Imperfection - The Art Of Painting Loose

In this online course you will learn a variety of tips and methods for painting loose with acrylics and/or watercolor. If you have ever wanted to add freedom and personality to your work this class is for you!
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Watercolor Master Class - Techniques & Color

If you love watercolor and need a go-to resource for understand various techniques this is the class for you. The lessons are broken down into bite-size, east to understand chunks of information that explain the most common methods of watercolor painting.
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How To Turn Losers Into Winners

Tips and tricks on turning bad art into winners!
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Basic Drawing & Brushwork Skills

Enjoy a series of tutorials for developing basic drawing & brushwork skills needed to become an efficient painter. This course for any artist that needs to improve their basic drawing and brushwork techniques for fine art painting.
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Advanced Watercolor Landscape Masterclass

In this masterclass you will learn advanced watercolor landscape painting techniques. When you are finished with these lessons you will realize that the finished painting is only a result of the preparation you put into it before the paint hits the paper.
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Flowers With Watercolor - Fast & Loose

In this course you will learn the art of creating a colorful flower still life paintings using wet-in-wet techniques. Once you are finished with these lessons you will have a better understanding of how to manage perhaps the most difficult challenge when painting with watercolors.
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Acrylic 101

In this class you will discover tips & techniques for getting started with acrylic painting. The lessons will help you build a solid foundation and avoid some common beginner mistakes. Also included are a few easy demonstration projects designed with new painters in mind. These are approachable subjects suitable for getting your feet wet with applying the various techniques. When you are finished with this class you will have a better understanding for acrylic painting and a few paintings to get you on the right path for success.
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Advanced Acrylic Painting

If you are a serious acrylic artist and want one reliable source to help you achieve loose and expressive artwork this a perfect solution just for you. The tutorials cover many ideas for applying acrylics and mixed media that will expand your creativity. How to purchase? You can purchase this course for $49 and own it for a lifetime. Or, become a premium member and access all watercolor courses for $9.99/month. Click here to learn more about becoming a member. Included in this course; Advanced techniques - mind-blowing tips for painting expressively Know your subjects (NEW) - a fantastic series of tutorials for digging into a subject Five stages of a painting - a simple solution on starting and finishing a painting What They're Saying Informative study on value and tone. He gives valuable tips on depth, form, and light. Thanks for a solid class! Nice job! - Lydia Baca As a self-taught artist, this is a great lesson for creating value and depth in your paintings. Thank you for keeping it loose and fun! - Lisa Meyers This is really helpful for a beginner!! I'll definitely practice. - Brandi Beckett What a pleasure it is to learn from Robert! I'm blown away by how his passion infects you! He is able to teach these principles of an expressive painting style in such a organic way. It's such an abstract concept and hard to put into words, but Robert makes it sound so logical! I love it and watched all his classes! L. Rollney
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Secrets To Expressive Landscape Painting With Acrylics & Collage

This course will focus on creating dynamic, loose landscapes using acrylics. You will learn many tips for how to simplify your subjects in order to discover the big picture. Once you have this minimalistic design your work becomes much easier and you will save hours, if not days, of frustration.
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Who, Hooo Wants To Paint Extraordinary Owls?

In this an online course where you will learn various mixed media methods for creating colorful, expressive and contemporary owl paintings. This is suited for all levels and a great way to loosen up!
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Stop Struggling To Create Still Life Art

In this course you will learn advanced expressive still life painting techniques using acrylics and mixed media. This is an in-depth masterclass for any experienced artists that wants to add more abstract qualities to their art.
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Expressive Flowers With Acrylics & Mixed Media

Online acrylic course where you will learn the essential skills needed to paint lovely, expressive still life paintings with flowers. You will start from the very beginning as you discover the importance of positive and negative space drawings, then start to explore composition alternatives, explore color combinations and ultimately finish with a step-by-step flower masterpiece.
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Abstract Cow Painting Techniques

This course walks you through a method for developing the right approach for painting abstract cows. Practical and easy to understand advice that teaches you the importance of angles, positive and negative shapes, and more.
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Roosters With Acrylic

In this course you will learn a fantastic approach on how to paint roosters with acrylic. These lessons will walk you through some basic composition and design elements and end with a fantastic step-by-step demonstration. How to purchase? You can purchase this course for $49 and own it for a lifetime. Or, become a premium member and access all acrylic courses for $9.99/month. Click here to learn more about becoming a member.
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Master Your Artistry

The ultimate student resource for creatives. This is the one guide that will help you become more focused on what matters the most; your progress. Let's face it, becoming more skilled requires knowledge, experience, attitude and the right plan. This course brings the elements together so that you completely understand all aspects of becoming a great painter. These include; Establishing a go-to subject Setting the right goals Art is a relationship The anatomy of an art session Maximizing moods and how to be productive on bad days Charting your progress Much more... Mediocrity is a painful place to be. So is becoming stagnant. But these tutorials will explain why these experiences happen and what you need to do to break out. How to purchase? You can purchase this course for $29 and own it for a lifetime. 2. Or, become a premium member and access all courses for $9.99/month. Click here to learn more about becoming a member. Here's what they're saying: I just took this course which is rich with challenging and well-presented ideas about developing one's work as an artist. Robert's concerned, personable and thoughtful teaching resonated as I saw over and over how problems he discusses have occurred in my own experience and limited my progress. I think his approach will help me be much more aware of how I work, about issues coming up and about what to do to progress. I feel it is too soon to have better comments but am heartened to apply these approaches to my art. Dave T. Awesome class! I love the concrete examples of how to apply these skills and methods. I'm the type of person who really needs the process of learning and improving to be spelled out to me because it really can be so abstract. thank you! Jamie Curtis
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Bookkeeping 101 - Your Online Art Business Starts Here

In this course you will what it takes to start and manage the business. This is not sexy work but a key cog in the wheel for anyone that wants to become a professional artist.
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