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The official teaching website of Robert Joyner. Here you can support the Painthog YouTube channel by purchasing one of the courses below.

Beginner Head Drawing Workshop

[NEW] Learn the basics of how to draw the human head. A fantastic course for simplifying a complex subject. Beginner friendly!
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Embracing Imperfection - The Art Of Painting Loose

In this online course you will learn a variety of tips and methods for painting loose with acrylics and/or watercolor. If you have ever wanted to add freedom and personality to your work this class is for you!
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Drawing The Human Figure - Gesture Style

A complete guide to learning how to draw the human figure.
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Essential Drawing Mechanics & Skills

Develop essential skills for drawing. A must have for all artists that want to develop a solid foundation.
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A Complete Guide To Design & Composition

It’s imperative that an artist sees what it is they are creating. This may sound odd but it’s not uncommon for artists to be completely blind to their work.
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